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here's my story

Back in 2018, I was struggling with my mental health in a big way! Since then have been actively working on improving myself through diet, exercise and self-care. This included losing 18kg by eating a ketogenic diet which is sugar free, very low carb, and high fat to bring the body into a state of ketosis. Before that I had pretty much stopped baking, because between just my partner and I it was always excessive and we would eat everything greedily. My newfound love for the creative process of ketofying foods reignited my passion for baking and cooking both sweet and savoury foods and it was actually helping my journey not hindering it.

Over lockdown I started writing a keto recipe book to amalgamate all the recipes I had and to keep track of the tweaks I was making. Part of that process was baking and cooking all the foods, to generate pictures for the book. I couldn’t get enough and Instagram couldn’t get enough of the delicious foods and treats I was creating. 

When people started asking if my treats were for sale, I decided to take the leap and start Tracy Bakes Keto. Now I can enjoy the process of baking, without having to eat it all myself, and at the same time help and support others in their keto lifestyle and often weight loss journey. 

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